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If you are diabetic, is your blood sugar level at an irregular level?

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Do you have any kind of corneal disease (such as keratoconus or corneal ectasy)?

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Unfortunately you are not suitable for eye laser treatment.


EyeSTAR Lasik: Lasik Team


Gurkan Celikkol, M.D., Medical Director

Dr. Gurkan Celikkol was born in Edirne in 1965. Upon graduating from Galatasaray High School, he earned his degree at the Istanbul University Istanbul Medical School, and went on to complete his residency at the Beyoglu Research Hospital.

Dr. Celikkol then went on to the United States, where he worked at Johns Hopkins University as a researcher in the biomedical department. After that, he went to University of California, San Diego, where he was involved as a researcher in numerous studies on the cornea and artificial intelligence systems. During his time in the U.S., Dr. Celikkol also researched refractive surgery and reputed eye laser centers in the U.S. and Europe.

Dr. Celikkol had a vision of creating a laser center in Turkey dedicated exclusively to laser treatment, utilizing the finest system and latest technology, and holding standards equivalent to or better than centers in the U.S. and the world. In 1999 his vision became a reality, and EyeSTAR LASIK Institute was established, inciting health tourism in Turkey, where 90% of EyeSTAR patients come from abroad.

Dr. Celikkol is reputed internationally as the founder and director of EyeSTAR and for numerous other accomplishments. He was featured in "Who's Who" for his success in starting, maintaining and promoting health tourism in Turkey.

His area of interest is artificial intelligence and he actively uses this technology to diagnose corneal problems.

Chess is among Dr. Celikkol's hobbies, and he holds two chess championship titles of 7th in Europe and 2nd in Turkey. Dr. Celikkol is a MENSA member, fluent in English and French.


Yasemin Yusufoff, M.A., General Manager

Ms. Yusufoff is an American ethnic Turk from Bulgaria. She spent her first few years of college at the University of California in Riverside and completed her bachelor's degree at New York University (NYU). She was then accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in Japan, Tokyo's International Christian University. While working on her master's degree there, she came to Turkey on a short trip and had eye laser treatment at EyeSTAR. Eventually, upon completing her master's degree in Japan, she was invited by Dr. Celikkol to manage EyeSTAR. She speaks English, Turkish, Bulgarian and Japanese fluently, among others. She has founded Bebek Universitesi, EyeSTAR's social responsibility project. She has also authored three books, Baby Sign Language, Bebek Isaret Dili and Pozitif Disiplin. She is the Secretary-General of the World Disability Union


EyeSTAR Surgeons

EyeSTAR LASIK's reputation is also largely due to our surgeons' experience and involvement: the best surgeons in the field, who will be personally involved in every step of your procedure.

EyeSTAR physicians are some of the most experienced and skilled LASIK surgeons, who have experience dating back to excimer laser serial #001, the first commercially available laser. Unlike other surgeons who perform various types of surgery, our surgeons perform only eye laser refractive procedures. All of our surgeons and medical staff have work experience and/or have completed residencies abroad, in the best universities and medical centers. Many of our surgeons have received refractive surgery fellowships at leading hospitals and medical schools.

Finally, the success of EyeSTAR LASIK's results is dependent on our surgeons' involvement in every step of the EyeSTAR LASIK procedure, under the supervision of our medical director. From answering all of your questions, to your suitability examination, to the actual treatment, rest assured that an experienced ophthalmologist will be taking care of you. 


Cezmi Kahvecioglu, M.D., Surgeon

He was born in Istanbul on 1959. He graduated from Istanbul English High School on 1978 and Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine on 1985. He studied Ophthalmology at the University of Lyon in France between 1989 -1991. He finished his studies of profession at the Beyoglu Eye Diseases Hospital between 1992 -1994.

In 1994 he begun to work as a specialist at Laserex, first laser eyecare center in Istanbul. He was part of the team implementing excimer laser and LASIK surgery for the first time in Turkey.

He also prepared some of the first international publications on refractive surgery. He was approved as a member of "American Academy of Ophthalmology" the same year and he is also a member of Societe Francaise Ophtalmologie. He presented his studies at numerous national and international congresses.


Ridvan Saygili, M.D., Medical Manager

Dr. Saygili was born in Gaziantep in 1937, and graduated from Istanbul University Medical School in 1967. He worked in the Van Ercis Primary Care facility between 1967 and 1971. His ophthalmology residency was completed in 1975 at SSK Istanbul Hospital and he worked there as chief assistant until his retirement in 1997. Until 2005 he worked at the Kadikoy Kizilay Primary Care facility.





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